Jio SIM Cards Make Way Into Black Market

Jio SIM Cards are making way into the black market in local telecom shops for a higher price as ‘Server is Down’ syndrome afflicts Reliance Digital Express Showrooms all over the cities.

It means, the high-pitched talk by Reliance Jio to serve 100 million consumers has met its dead end after selling the first 10 million SIM cards, that too after making people recall their horrible days of long queues in the 1980s whether it is for railway reservation, telephone subscription or ration card application.

The undue delay for such long queues was promptly blamed on server failure by the Reliance Digital Express staff and the guard before every outlet behaved for a while like the old day peon outside the government offices. Finally, the truth has become clear for all those throning Reliance shops that the SIM cards are surfacing in local shops where Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 is charged per SIM.

What is the modus operandi? If you pay Rs.100 to Rs.300 per SIM, it means you are getting free 4G network for three months at Rs.100 each and still it makes sense. No wonder, local telecom shops are selling SIM cards easily without queues while the Reliance Digital is cheating away the customers of their valuable time for something that is free.

"If they are behaving like babus now itself, imagine how they would behave once the joy ride is over for customers," said one woman standing in the queue. The so-called servers are down only at Reliance showrooms and not in the local telecom shops. It means, anything that is free will not reach the end-use in the straight-jacketed way in India. Most of the SIM cards have been siphoned off to local stores already and an artificial scarcity is being created for Jio SIM cards, she alleged.

Not merely Delhi and Mumbai but even Bangalore is seeing diminishing numbers before Reliance Digital Express showrooms due to the the alleged server down excuse.

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  1. Have even bitter experience. Got the JIO SIM card in the early days with the preview offer. After that have made almost 15 visits to 2 of the reliance ministores (One on Hesarghatta Road and one on Ayappa Temple Road, Bangalore).

    Everytime I get the same story, in last couple of visit even I learnt that the stores are not having SIM card stock and hence they are not activating any SIM which is issued earlier. Outside the SIM card is available at a price of Rs.250 to Rs.600 and gets activated within 2-4 hours.

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