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Jharkhand Education Minister ‘Pays Respect’ to Former President APJ Abdul Kalam

In a major goof-up, Bjp-led Jharkhand State Education Minister Neera Yadav was found paying homage to former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s photo in Kodarma. She was seen applying kumkum on the photo and giving floral tribute, which according to Hindu tradition is done to pay respect to a person after his death.

More surprising was the fact that none of the attendees, including the principal, teachers and the BJP MLA Manish Jaiswal, raised any objection to it.

It is considered inauspicious to do while someone is alive. This weird incident raised many questions over the lack of cultural knowledge of the Education Ministers and the Principal and the teachers of the School.

The minister was invited as the chief guest to inaugurate the smart class. Following the goof up, she defended herself saying that in such schools, photos of great leaders are garlanded to honour them and there is nothing wrong in putting kumkum to “our great scientist AJP Kalam.”

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