JEE (Advanced) 2016 Results: 1500 Seats, 15000 Aspirants Now

As the IIT admission results JEE Advanced 2016 are announced, those in general merit and have scored in the top 7000 ranks can aspire to be in any IIT, while those in OBC can hope to stretch further to 15000. The intake in IITs in 2016 is at 10,506 including the new IITs set up in Jammu, Goa, Dharwad and Chhattisgarh.

Leavins aside the toppers like Aman Bansal of Jaipur, Bhavesh Kumar from Haryana and Kunal Goyal of Jaipur, more than 15,000 students who ranked in the top will be vying for a seat in some IIT this year as the results are announced on Sunday, June 12, 2016.

The exam held on May 22, had single-answer-correct MCQs, multiple-answer-correct MCQs and integer-answer type MCQs, with provision for the partial-marking for multiple answer that is correct.

The paper was reportedly more logical than being calculative, reiterating the IIT requirement for students with strong fundamentals. In physics, this time modern physics took prime focus making it easier for students but in chemistry, five were from organic chemistry, six from inorganic chemistry and seven from physical chemistry. But mathematics has taken the sheen away from many being difficult and time-consuming for each question.

There are one or two tricky or lenghty questions in each subject, which required application of data given. Overall, experts said 40 questions were of moderate nature in terms of difficulty, 20 of them just difficult to crack.

The paper carried 372 marks and 40% of the questions were from Class 11 and 60% of them from Class 12 syllabus.For the first time, IITs from Jammu, Goa, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh joined the admission process this year.

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