‘Je suis Charlie’ Tops Google Search Trends for January First week

The New Year 2015 has not let the world move on to welcome the new hope but daunted with the onset of another terrorist act that wreaked havoc in an otherwise a peaceful city of Paris that is known for its cultural aesthetics than war-mongerism ever since the end of World War II.

In a shocking attack on a satirical magazine office, terrorists have killed more than 12 first and then one more police official the next day before getting killed. Google search has reported it as the No.1 search string this week.

Je suis Charlie:

The Wednesday incident where 3 gunmen stormed into the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical news magazine, and killed 12 people, including the paper’s editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier”, said the official blog from google on search trends.

The shooters targeted the publication in response to satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Interest in the outlet reached an all-time high on the web and people looked for more information about “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”), a slogan adopted by free speech supporters in the wake of the shootings.

A manhunt for the suspects finally ended on Friday in a standoff at a Parisian grocery store, in which the two brothers behind the attacks were killed. Meanwhile, France mourns what is being called the country’s “worst terrorist attack in generations.”

New Year goals:

The second issue that was most searched by people in the week was to find out how they could turn their new year’s resolutions into reality, including the usual suspects of diet and weight loss on everyone’s list.

The Dash Diet made it onto the trends charts after it took the number one spot on The U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of the best diets. Created by physicians to help treat high blood pressure, DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) emphasizes fruits, veggies, whole grains and low sodium.


As usual photo-shoot ready body of Justin Bieber has beaten all as “Beliebers” everywhere were left drooling over a new Calvin Klein underwear ad. Meanwhile, Justin’s campaign co-star, Dutch model Lara Stone, is apparently getting some unwanted death threats from Bieber’s fans.

Looking ahead – Coachella 2015:

The upcoming event Coachella 2015 is in demand and the star-studded desert music festival has sold out all tickets in just 40 minutes after opening, reminding the Xiaomi’s online flash sale of Mi3 and Redme 1S smartphones.

For comic book fans, especially Paul Rudd loyalists, it was a frenzy time when Marvel released the trailer for their latest superhero flick, Ant Man. “This smells like a Millennial version of Honey I Shrunk the Kids,” remarks Google Communications associate Jenise Araujo in the blog.

Google search trends recorded the trend querying for Elvis Presley, the legend. This week, searchers were feeling sentimental for Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday and revisited the King’s classic songs and memorable white suits, said the blog.

Google blog has liberally given tip of the week to its users to opt for Google App that reminds user to go to gym. “Don’t let this be another year of resolution failure: use Google to set reminders for all of your goals. Just say “Ok Google, remind me to go to the gym” when you’re ready to commit to 365 days of sweat,” it said.


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