Jayalalithaa’s Conviction: 16 Die in Tamil Nadu

jayaAfter a special court in Bangalore has sent AIADMK leader J Jayalalitha for four year imprisonment in the 66.65 crore disproportionate assets case on Saturday, a minimum of 16 people has reportedly committed suicide or died of cardiac arrest across Tamil Nadu on Monday.
There have been wide protests in the State regarding the arrest of “Amma.” After the conviction of Jayalalitha, while 10 people got cardiac arrest due to shock, others have committed suicide.
According to police, a party supporter committed suicide by self-immolation, three hanged themselves, one consumed poison and another jumped in front of a bus.
A class 12 student have been admitted with severe burns in the hospital near Madhurai, who has attempted a self-immolation self. According to reports, another party supporter has also chopped off his little finger in Tirupur.
Social Welfare Board Chairperson and AIADMK women’s wing Deputy Secretary C R Saraswathi said that the reactions by people “show the relationship people share” with “Amma”. “Everyone in the state sees Amma as their mother,” she added.
According to a social scientist, in a state where political leaders and film stars are considered to be larger than life, it is not uncommon for people to react to a setback to a leader by committing suicide, especially by self-immolation.
After the verdict by a special court which declared Jayalalitha has been found guilty in the case, several shops were shut down and companies have declared holiday in anticipation of violence.
There were also clash between DMK and AIADMK cadres on the Lloyd’s Road near Gopalapuram. Also, reports say that AIADMK men have pelted stones at Subramanian Swamy’s residence at Santhome in Chennai.


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  1. It is very pity, it should not done like this, court has give some penalty & she supposed to be in power for life time in AIDMK after MG Ramachandran, She got good Reputation in the Taminadu Public,

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