Jay Z and Beyonce Divorce Reckons High as Tour Details Leak

Now that Jay Z and Beyonce, who are ‘On the Run’ tour to evade puzzling eyes on their married life, probing media eyes reveal more than required to confirm that the couple are heading to a divorce.

While rumors claim they lived spearate lives during the tour, some other reports suggested that the couple are strongly considering a divorce.

But online and on the stage, the couple are showing open love with a passionate on-stage kiss at Cincinnati.

This came close on the revelation from the tapes showing Jay Z’s elevator fight with Beyonce’s sister Solange, which showed the celebrity couple is undergoing family split, despite a toddler daughter.

But the couple is trying hard to dispel the rumors. They kicked off their tour on 25 June in Miami as planned and shared a deep kiss on stage. They even showed parts from their wedding video with the couple exchanging vows during the 2008 wedding, besides the one on their daughter Blue Ivy.

But once back from the stage, the couple travel separately and live separately as an estranged couple, said reports.

Contact Music said that "they might be sharing a stage, but while on tour they’ll live practically separate lives," quoting a source. Jay Z and Beyonce are "travelling between venues independently" and "staying in different hotel suites", the report said.

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