Japanese cosmetic brand Za launched in India

New Delhi, April 1: Shiseido, a 142-year-old international cosmetic brand, launched ‘Za’ in the Indian beauty market under its wholly-owned subsidiary Shiseido India Private Limited.

Shiseido, which has footprints in over 89 countries, will float “Za” in the Indian market this month. The brand will be available in 250 doors by the end of 2014 in Mumbai, the National Capital Region and Bangalore.

Za boasts innovative and advanced skincare and makeup line-up that is designed especially for the 20-35 year old urban women who desire sophisticated and fashionable beauty.

“As a company, we have continuously studied the market over the past few years to absorb the habits and attitudes of the Indian consumers, in fact we undertook an intensive skin study to evaluate diverse Indian skin and its requirements. It is our strong belief that our brand ‘Za’ will resonate with our consumers,” said Salman Bukhari, marketing director, Shiseido India Pvt. Ltd.

Za is available in 12 countries including Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, China and Taiwan amongst others.(IANS)

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