Now, Japanese Can Show Off Touch-Sensitive, Color-Changing Bras

Japanese women can now show off their warmth and bond for their siblings with the help of a new bra that changes color when touched.

The “Close Sisters Bras” from manufacturer Triumph is made from electronic paper, which acts as a flexible screen.

From blue snowflakes on a white background, the ‘Disney’s Frozen’ inspired bras change colour to a black background with white polka dots or tiny hearts, rocketnews24 reported.

“The depiction, in movies and the like, of sisters helping each other and becoming more confident, have moved all of Japan,” the company said in a statement.

The lingerie showcases the “futago kode” trend in Japanese fashion, where women wear matching outfits to recognize and reinforce their friendship.

To go along with the bras, Triumph added two sets of heart-shaped pads, one marked with the kanji character for “big sister,” (姉), and the smaller one for “little sister” (妹).

The pads can be used separately or together, depending on how much of a bust boost the wearer is looking for. It also comes with two sets of straps that can be swapped between the bras. Triumph comes out with variety of bra every year.

Two years ago, Triumph had created a bra with cooling gel pads tucked inside, to save energy, and in 2013, it endorsed the Japanese government’s plan to increase Japan’s GDP by two percent with a golden bra that visually increased bust size by the same amount.

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