Japan Display Inc Pitches for iPhone Screens, seeks partnership with Apple in $1.4 billion project

Hi-Tech Screens manufacturer Japan Display Inc is pitching for iPhone screens contract from Apple, which are currently manufactured in China.

The Japanese screen maker is eyeing Apple as a shareholder in its upcoming $1.4 billion worth manufacturing base that would make interactive screeens which are faster than the ones currently used in iPhones.

japan displayTo come up in Ishikawa, central Japan, the new plant will supplement what Japan Display already makes in the form of 1.5X1.85 metre sheets which total 50,000 per month now from its existing facility in Mobara, southeast of Tokyo.

The company, formed in 2012 took over ailing display units of Sony Corp, Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd, was listed in Tokyo in 2014 after recovering from losses mainly due to the demand from Apple and Chinese smartphone makers.

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) has begun sales of memory-in-pixel (MIP) reflective-type color LCD modules for wristwatch-type wearable devices with very low power consumption, at less than 0.5 percent than that of transparent-type LCD modules.

These screens are useful for wearable devices that require long battery life and Apple’s iWatch being on the rolls, Japan Display Inc is pitching for the next-generation panels. Since the new reflective-type modules display images by reflecting light, they do not require a backlight, which consume up to 80 percent of the total power consumption of an LCD module.

Further, the MIP structure has a static random access memory transistor in each sub-pixel and holds once the data is written, it is held in still screen images. Besides, its optimized optical design displays bright and crisp reflective-type color images, especially under bright sunlight conditions.

Japan Display Inc is now planning to offer standard reflective-type color LCD modules, not only for wearable devices but also for industrial applications, to meet the wide range of market needs for displays with ultra-low power consumption.

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