It’s Official: WhatsApp Voice Calling App Released for Android Mobiles at Play Store

After almost a year of beta testing on specific users and developers, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has released its much-awaited Voice Calling feature (VoIP) for Android phones and the version is available for download on Google’s Paly Store or it can be downloaded directly from the official WhatsApp website.

The version in Play Store is 2.11.528 (Click here to visit Paly Store Page) and the version in 2.11.531 can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp releases voice-calling feature for Android users
Once it is dowloaded, the voice-calling feature in your phone will have to activated by someone already using the feature by making a call to you. Once the call is received, you have to close it and them open the app again. It will appear as a third icon on your display screen as Calls along with the tabs Chats and Contacts.

The calls tab will also show incoming calls, calls made by you and also missed calls with the precise timing shown next to them. The feature was tested for a brief time of less than an hour for those seeking invite and this time, it is opened for two hours duration.

As reported earlier in our section, WhatsApp has been testing the app mainly in India with a Reddit user pradnesh07 reporting about the invite he received and activated on his phone. In another instance, BGR India claimed that it too received the invitation and made calls informing that the voice-calling feature can be noticed with a third icon next to Chats, Contacts of WhatsApp tab. The App also keeps a record of past calls via WhatsApp, it added.

As reported earlier, users who were giventhe invite will notice an icon ‘Calls’ beside the Chats and Contacts tabs. However, some malware website began to send malicious and fake invites to users last week in the form of surveys and those who clicked on it were taken to a third-party link and forced to download malicious downloads on their phones.

If you are generous, you can make voice calls to other WhatsApp users and enable them join the voice calling feature or group of yours. However, not everyone is able to join the group despite receiving a voice call from a WhatsApp user/friend.

Since June 2014, WhatsApp is working on rolling out the feature despite rumblings from established telecom companies in many countries, including India where it has its second largest number of users at 70 million. WhatsApp has more than 700 million users all over the world.

Though voice calling is not new with instant messenger apps like Viber, Hike, Skype, and Line are already there, WhatsApp has created brouhaha beyond imagination before entering the arena. Its entry is also sending scare down the established telecom players Airtel, Aircel and Reliance in India, which are queueing up for spectrum allocation auction right now.

To sum up, some features evident about WhatsApp Voice Calling feature include:

It is available in the new version 2.11.528 on Play store and 2.11.531 on the WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp new version once downloaded will show the third icon on their screen next to chats and contacts.

Ask your friend or someone who has the feature activated already to call you. After receiving the call, your VOIP feature also gets activated.


  1. Alright that’s a welcome news but for we non Android users, we have to wait for like forever.

  2. I tried both the versions, But voice calling feature is NOT there.

    First I tried from PLAY STORE & then uninstalled and freshly downloaded APK from WhatsApp’s official website. That’s too doesn’t got voice calling feature.

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