It’s Official: CBSE Class 12 Results Declared Today, Class 10 on Wednesday

cbseAfter a prolonged silence, the Central Board of Secondary Education has notified on its official website that the Class 10 results will be announced on May 27, while another latest update showed school-wise Class 12 results. Click below to visit the official link to the schoolwise results page of CBSE:

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There was speculation in the media that the result would be out on May 21 and ever since the students were making queries and finally the CBSE has officially put up the date of results ending the anxiety among the students.

While Class 10 results are crucial for students to decide their stream of higher studies and the colleges for pursuing their Plus 2 level, The results of Class 12 are really deciding for the students who wish to join the professional courses.

Once they are uploaded, students can check their result with their roll number and also download the marks sheet. Visit the official website below:

In all, 13,73,853 students have taken the class 10 examination in 2015 March and 8,17,941 of them are boys and 5,55,912 are girls. Students from 14,047 schools appeared for the Class 10 exams at 3,537 centres this year.

Since the ICSE board class 10th results and ISC board class 12th results have been declared, the CBSE results are crucial for any admission into desired stream and college.

The overall performance in Class 10 will be given in the Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA), which is the average of grade points achieved in all the subjects under the CBSE Scheme of Studies.

How to calculate?

Excluding the 6th optional subject, students should calculate the scores as below:

Suppose Student A has obtained Grade Points for 5 subjects as below:
Subject 1: 9
Subject 2: 8
subject 3: 7
Subject 4: 10
Subject 5: 9

First add the grade points of all five subjects: 9+8+7+10+9= 43. Then divide the total by 5, which means 43/5=8.6. That means your CGPA is 8.6. To get the percentage, multiply the CGPA by 9.5, which means 81.7%. If you want to get percentage for each subject, then multiply that subject grade with 9.5 and you get the percentage of that particular subject.



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