It’s Official! BJP, Shiv Sena Talks Fail, Both to Go Solo in Maharashtra Poll

As reported in our columns last week, it was BJP which has finally given up talks on poll alliance in Maharashtra with Shiv Sena, ending the so-called "ideological bond" between the two saffron outfits and BJP party chief Amit Shah has cancelled his visit to Mumbai sending the signals clearly.

The division will mean both parties will contest all the 288 seats each the Congress, if it succeeds with the alliance with the NCP, may emerge the single largest party to tweak the verdict.

If so, this will mean that the first ally to exit the ruling coalition within a mere four months of government formation, would ironically be the biggest and oldest. And that too over an issue which had to do more with the ego clashes of ‘Gen Next’ in both the BJP and Sena over who should occupy the chief ministerial chair.

Shiv Sena said on Sunday that it would go to polls on its own, while on Monday BJP sounded optimistic with renewed talks but the last three days saw no progress and the BJP leadership critical of Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray said, "Uddhav doesn’t have a political mind. He is doing a long term damage to his party. You may see his party break into various factions and a good number of them moving to Raj Thackeray. Alliance with the BJP had made Sena a force to reckon with.”

Another BJP leader complained that Uddhav was in fact critical of PM Narendra Modi and carried out two editorials to criticise him in the party mouthpiece Saamna in the last one week. However, the split should see how NCP-Congress talks proceed now.

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