ISRO Refutes Land Encroachment Reports in Bangalore

Bangalore-based Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has refuted news reports alleging the space agency of encroaching land in Jalahally area of Bangalore.

The reports alleged ISRO/DOS as one of the encroachers of lake beds and reserve forest land in Bangalore, which the space agency described as creating “misapprehension among the public.” It further said, “ISRO/DOS hereby clarifies that those news items are incorrect.”

“Being a Government of India Department, ISRO/DOS shall occupy anyland, only after due legal and statutory procedures for purchase /allotment stipulated by the State Governments. In respect of the land occupied by Department of Space / ISRO at Nagasettyhalli and Geddalahalli villages, it is clarified that these lands were allotted to Department of Space (ISRO) by Government of Karnataka for housing the Secretariat of Department of Space/ISRO Headquarters at Bangalore after due proceedings of Government of Karnataka in the early 80s.

Regarding the purchase of 24 acres of land at Jalahally, Peenya from HMT, it is clarified that this transaction was fully approved by the statutory bodies and khata assigned by BMP in 1998. It is also clarified that ISRO/DOS being a Government of India Department working for public interest, will not indulge in activities of encroachment of lakebeds and forest lands,” it said.

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