ISRO Moves Closer to Delhi in Governance with Space Technology

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has become the nodal point for several ministries and departments in the country for a collective and integrated space technology use in governance of the country.

Secretaries of 58 Ministries/ Departments have presented the action plans jointly prepared with ISRO to enhance functional effectiveness using space technology at the one day National Meet on “Promoting Space Technology based tools and Applications on Governance & Development” held early this week in Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.

The requirements and utilization of space technology in governance and development in the country was earlier assessed by the standing committees chaired by Secretaries to the government under National Natural Resources Management System.

The interactions of the expert working groups of ISRO with various Ministries / Departments have given better understanding of the utilisation of space technology in governance and development and culminated into the organisation of the National Meet.isro

The steps taken by ISRO so far to enhance the use of space technology in governance and development in the country include:

(i) Formation of expert working groups in ISRO.

(ii) Preparation of joint action plan on “Effective use of Space Technology” and Identification of Space Applications addressing the requirements of Ministries / Departments.

(iii) Conduct of Proof of Concept or Pilot projects

(iv) Development of customised tools and applications

(v) Development of a Web based Geo-portal “Bhuvan” for providing satellite data and development of tools for visualisation, analysis and dissemination.

(vi) Institutionalisation of space applications and enabling formation of space technology cells in the Ministries / Departments

(vii) Capacity building of the officials of Ministries / Departments

Minister Dr Jitendra Singh in his reply to an unstarred question in Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

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