ISRO MoM to Live Longer than expected. (Photo: ISRO)

ISRO Mars Mission to Orbit Red Planet 6 Months More Than Expected: Minister

ISRO’s Mangalyaan Mission orbiting Mars is likely to operate for six more months owing to its reserve energy, said Minister of Science and Technology Jitendra Singh in a reply to an unstarred question in the Lok Sabha.

The reserve propellant onboard the MoM is 37-kg that can energise the mission orbiting Mars since September 2014, making India proud member of the top 4 club of nations to send missions to Mars so far. The MoM was expected to orbit the Red planet till March 24, 2015, but the mission may outlive the expectations with another six months of operation.

The minister said in his reply, “It is expected that MOM will outlive its planned life span of six months. The increased duration of observation of Mars by five scientific payloads will enhance the planetary science data. It would also enable coverage of Mars in different seasons.”

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM) is the most cost-effective space mission undertaken to Mars with a budget of about Rs.450 crore. This is India’s first deep space exploratory mission taht was successfully launched when other big countries like China failed to achieve in their first Mars mission.

The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has significant achievements to its credit being the first interplanetary mission realized by India and first Indian spacecraft to incorporate full scale on-board autonomy to overcome the long distances and the communication gaps due to non-visibility periods, said the minister in his reply.

Also the Mangalyaan mission is the first Indian spacecraft to successfully survive Van Allen belt crossing 39 times and also the first mission to use Ship Borne Terminals to track the launch vehicle and satellite over Pacific Ocean by ISRO.

The mission has brought accolades to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) all over the world including “Space Pioneer Award” by the US based National Space Society and topped the Time Magazine 2014 Innovations. Awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for its path-breaking achievement in peaceful use of outer space.

Here are some Photos of ISRO’s MoM Mission:


Images of Eos Chaos region of Mars taken by Mars color camera on board ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission on 5-2-2015 at a spatial resolution of 220 m from an altitude of 4403 km. Eos Chaos is located at eastern part of Valles Marineris region. (Photo:ISRO)


Three dimensional view of Arsia Mons created by draping the Mars color Camera (MCC) image on Topography of the region derived from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimter (MOLA). This Image of Arsia Mons region taken by Mars color camera on board ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission on 4-01-2015 at a spatial resolution of 556 m from an altitude of 10707 km. Volcanic deposits located at the flanks of the Mons are seen in this image.(ISRO)


Images of Valles Marineris and adjoining regions of Mars taken by Mars color camera on board ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission at a spatial resolution of 1.2 km from an altitude of 24000 km. Valles Marineris is largest canyon system about 4000 km and 200 km wide and 7 km deep. This image also shows Noctis Labyrinthus at bottom left corner of the image. Fracture patterns at the center of Valles Marineris and northern portion of Noctis Labyrinthus are clearly seen at this resolution.(ISRO)


Government of India chose to recognize their exceptional contributions to the development of science and technology in the country. ISRO is proud to know the conferment of Padmasree awards to Dr S K Shivakumar (Director, ISRO Satellite Centre) and Shri S Arunan, Project Director, ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission.(ISRO)


His ‘common man’ reaching Mars. #rklaxman sent this delightful gift to ISRO in mid January 2015, perhaps his last known cartoon before his death. (ISRO)


Another image of Mars taken by Mars color camera on board ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission. (ISRO)



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