ISRO Gears Up for GSLV Mark III Launch Between Dec. 20-25

ISRO has celebrated “Mangal Mahotsav” on the occasion of its successful Mars Orbit Mission ‘Maangalyaan’ recently at its Bangalore headquarters and reiterated its resolve to send the next big mission — the launch of Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mk III) anytime between Dec. 20 and 25, dependin on weather conditions, said officials.

gslv mark_3M Pitchaimani, Deputy Director, ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bangalore, said through the launch of GSLV-Mk III, Indian national space agency intends to send crew module or capsule into the deep space to study the ascent phase of the rocket as well as the recovery of a human capsule, after it re-enters the earth’s atmosphere withstanding the heat and wind force.

China has successfully conducted the re-entry mission in October, setting its target on sending manned mission to Mars and other planets soon. The re-entry capability also enables development of a possible space shuttle by these two nations, in addition to NASA and Russian space agency.

GSLV Mk III is intended to carry heavy payloads, satellites of INSAT-4 class weighing 4500 to 5000 kg and also enhance the capability to take up the multimillion dollar commercial launch missions. The vehicle will also carry multi-mission launch capability for GTO, LEO, Polar and intermediate circular orbits.

GSLV-Mk III is a three stage vehicle, with 42.4 m tall with a lift off weight of 630 tonnes. Its first stage comprises two identical S200 Large Solid Booster (LSB) with 200 tonne solid propellant, that are strapped on to the second stage, the L110 re-startable liquid stage and the third stage is the C25 LOX/LH2 cryo stage. ISRO is banking on new advanced parachutes to manage the entire mission of recovery phase.



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