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Indrani Mukerjea, the mother who had allegedly killed daughter over unexplained motive still under probe. (Facebook)

Is it a Suicide Attempt or Murder Conspiracy? Indrani Mukerjea to Stay in Hospital

Indrani Mukerjea, former media tycoon has been accused of killing her daughter Sheena Bora, was admitted to J.J hospital in serious condition yesterday.

Former media tycoon is expected to remain in JJ Hospital in Mumbai for three more days after overdosing of anti-epileptic pills in a suspected suicide attempt.

There were reports that Indrani was upset over her mother’s death on Tuesday in Guwahati. She was rushed to JJ Hospital on Friday after reportedly overdose of drugs.

“Indrani Mukerjea is semi-conscious now. We will give her three days to recover fully,” TP Lahane, the dean of JJ Hospital, told the media on Saturday.

“Necessary blood and urine tests were carried out and a team of CBI officials was also briefed on her medical condition,” another doctor at the hospital said.

Lahane said Indrani’s stomach wash was collected and will be sent for forensic analysis to determine if she consumed drugs.

Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has ordered an investigation into the alleged overdose, the latest twist in the multi-layered case that has drawn extensive media coverage.

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has ordered an inquiry into the latest incident in one of the most controversial case that has drawn extensive media coverage.

The case has become sensational since the Maharashtra government abruptly transferred Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria who was about to make breakthrough from the financial angle, though Additional Chief Secretary, Home, KP Bakshi had deneid it.

Here is a brief timeline of the case:

1987: Based in Guwahati, still a teenager, Indrani gets closer to Siddharth Das from Kolkata and they had their first child, Sheena, in 1987.

1988: Indrani and Siddharth Das had their second child, Mikhail, in 1988 and they were living with Indrani Bora’s parents.

1989: Indrani tells Siddharth that she is going to Shillong and disappears. Unable to trace her and Siddharth allegedly returns to Kolkata to begin a new life.

1989: Indrani moves to Kolkata where she studies computers living as a Paying Guest.

1993: Indrani meets businessman Sanjeev Khanna, marries him.

1997: Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna’s daughter Vidhie Khanna was born.

2001: Indrani, her husband Khann and daughter Vidhie move to Mumbai. Indrani’s INX Services Private Limited, a recruitment company, was a top recruitment firm with Reliance Industries and Star India as its major clients.

2002: Indrani gets closer to Star CEO Peter Mukerjea and moves in with him, applying divorce from her husband Sanjeev Khanna. In November 2002 she marries Mukerjea and changes her name to Indrani Mukerjea and changes her daughter Vidhie’s name to Vidhie Mukerjea.

2005: Peter Mukerjea was introduced to Indrani’s children — Sheena Bora and Mikhail Bora — as her younger siblings.

2006: Sheena Bora also moves in with the Mukerjeas for her studies.

2007: Peter and Indrani Mukerjea became promoters of the INX Group, which later expanded into a media group. Peter Mukerjea exits Star India and Uday Shankar becomes its CEO.

2008: Wall street Journal names Indrani as one of the 50 Women to Watch for her role as CEO of INX Media, which owned NewsX TV chanel.

2009: NewsX chanel was sold to Naiduniya and beset with huge losses, both Indrani and Peter Mukerjea exit from INX Media.

2010: Both the couple formalise their exit from INX Media and resign in 2011 as directors.

2011: Sheena Bora finishes her studies and joins Reliance firm as an executive. She gets closer to Peter Mukerjea’s on Rahul and they begin living-in relationship, despite Indrani’s opposition. Sheena reveals to Peter Mukerjea that she is Indrani’s daughter and not sister.

April 24, 2012: Indrani flies down from UK, meets her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and they together meet Mikhail Bora in a hotel room and police allege that he was drugged. Leter they move to Worli residence where they kill Sheena and take her body to Raigad forest and bury it.

May 23, 2012: Sheena’s body was found in Raigad forest but the local police hush up the matter without following the procedural norms.

2012 to 2015: Indrani Mukerjea carries on with different business ventures shuttling between their residence in Worli, Mumbai and Bristol in UK and sometimes in Marbella in Spain with ehr husband Peter.

June 2015: Police receive tip on Indrani’s role in Sheena murder case.

August 2015: Police arrest Indrani driver Shyam Rai and he cracks under pressure and reveals the entire murder plot.

24 August, 2015: Indrani Mukerjea arrested on charges of killing Sheena along with her driver Shyam Rai and Khanna.

25 August, 2015: Media reveals that Sheena was not sister of Indrani as claimed but her own daughter. Mikhail emerges as not her sibling but own son, giving a new twist to the case.

28 August 2015: Khanna confesses to police that he had been involved in Sheena murder, while Indrani maintains stoic silence and police say she did not confess to the murder charge. The motive of murder is still not known.

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