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Is Independence Day just Another Holiday for Bengaluru ? (Pictures from Flower Show at Lalbagh)

As India prepares to celebrate its 69th Independence Day, the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru seems to be not-so involved in the celebration as many of them were upset that it fell on a weekend, which is usually a holiday for them.

Many of the Multinational companies are not opened on Saturday, forget about celebrating the Independence Day. Many youngsters who are working have said that their weekend plans are going as scheduled and, of course, they are in the same vein to vent out disappointment that the holiday fell on a weekend.

Some of the companies have celebrated the occasion with decoration of the offices with tricolour flags and banners. However, many of them brush it aside that mere display of flags and docorating the office should mean they are patriotic.

One reminds what our beloved late former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Don’t declare a holiday on my death; instead work an extra day.”

“Why can’t we work for this day an hour extra just to honor the people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom?” asks one MNC employee, who is heading to office during the weekend.

It is interesting to see that the day evokes different sentiments for different people, some of them heading to Goa to celebrate their ‘weekend’ whereas some are planning to stay at home or will dine-out at the most, besides watching a patriotic movie on TV.

The older generation, especially those who were born around 1950’s still feel a strong sense of connect and belonging to the struggle their parents had to go through to achieve freedom from the British rule.

However, every traffic signal point in Bengaluru is filled with hawkers selling Indian flag and badges, reminding us that the Independence Day is just in the corner.

While many hawkers are disheartened with the response they are getting this year in subdued sales, Sunil, who sellsĀ flags and badges on the occasion of Independence day every year complains: “People are less bothered about the Independence Day nowadays.”

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