Is CBI Planning the 2nd Crackdown on JNU Now?


JNU administrative block

Almost four months after the February 9 crackdown on JNU campus in Delhi, the central investigating agency CBI has given a certification that the so-called footage of Zee News videos are genuine, perhaps indicating another series of crackdown on the campus now with the new evidence, allegged JNU teacher Kamal Mitra Chenoy.

“This is after a magisterial inquiry by the Delhi government found two of the telecast videos to be doctored, and this matter is in court. It is intriguing that an unedited disc of the February 9 protests was lying with the Zee News for some time with its allegedly damning footage not used for months. An oversight?” he asked in a write up in DailyO.

Blaming Zee TV, which has spearheaded initial media attack on JNU in February, he said it was part of a bigger plan to seize the campus with police raids. He also questioned how the owner of that channel Subhash Chandra became a BJP Rajya Sabha MP a day after the purported CBI report that said the videos were not doctored. CBI works directly under the PM.

Quoting a Zee News producer, Vishwa Deepak, who had resigned from the channel in late February 2016, who had said that the channel had broadcast a video of students raising slogans with captions that said “Pakistan Zindabad”. Deepak had written that “The video which had no “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans in it, we played repeatedly to spread madness. How did we establish that Kanhaiya and his associates were chanting slogans when all we heard were voices coming from the darkness.” Our biases made us hear “Bhartiya Court Zindabad” as “Pakistan Zindabad”, he said.

Now that the video proof is being used by police as genuine, the Indian Express even quoted some unnamed police officers who were confident that they can slap the sedition law, Section 124A of IPC, easily now.

Shenoy wrote further, “The Left students, comprising a number of political streams co-exist with others. Can there be a more democratic space? Is this part of a comprehensive attack on higher education?”

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