iPhone 6 Release Date: Apple Confirms 9 September Launch; iTime on Cards?

appleApple is expected to launch its iconic next generation iPhone 6 on September 9 when its annual event will be held in the Flint Center in Cupertino, California. The official invite has been sent with a close-up picture of Apple logo and a tag line “wish we could say more”, which clearly indicates that it would be the much-awaited iPhone 6 and iTime smartwatch.

As is the case every year, Apple is all set to unveil its iPhone 6, which has generated good response in the rumor mill despite strong rival brands and tablets mushrooming the mobile and tablet market. It is likely that the event may be made meaningful with the launch of “iTime” smartwatch-cum-remote controller to switch on or off home appliances.

The new device “will also — predictably — make good use of HomeKit, the company’s new framework for controlling connected devices — though it’s not clear how broadly or in what way. Sure would be nice to turn the lights on and off from my wrist, though — or navigate my Apple TV (caution: Total speculation). Oh. Could things change between now and September 9? That’s certainly possible — har-har — but I doubt it,” reported Re/Code

The reports so far point to Apple unveiling a new larger iPhone at the event, with a 4.7in screen to take a shot at larger smartphones from rivals Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony, and now even Microsoft. There are rumors that a second new iPhone with a larger 5.5in screen is also on the cards at the event.

The Sept. 9 event may also lead the company to offer other gadgets like new iPhone and iPad software, iOS 8, with new features focused around flexibility and interaction with Apple’s desktop and laptop computers. The new iPhone 6 is likely to feature a scratch-resistant sapphire screen, on demand.

One confirmed launch this year’s event will have is Apple’s new Health application to help daily walkers and trackers to keep a tab on their fitness levels, besides reading their pulse rate and blood pressure. How the company integrates them in one device is going to be the secret behind the new iphone 6.

Another gadget that many gadget watchers are expecting from Apple’s stable this time is the iWatch or a smartwatch either connected to the iPhone 6 or an independent one. This gadget is mainly to offshoot similar devices released by Samsung. Other similar smartwatches by LG and Motorola too have hit the market and apple needs to explain how its iWatch is different from them.

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