iPhone 4S hits stores, sold out on Day One

iPhone 5 lovers were initially disappointed as Apple unveiled its latest  iPhone 4S with voice navigation feature that it calls “Siri” early this month. But the latest feature Siri voice navigation was nonetheless impressive as record sales on day one show.

Apple lovers queued up to lay their hands on the latest Apple iPhone 4S which hit the stores on Friday night and reports say the stores have made record sales on the first day itself.

The iPhone 4S, Apple’s latest phone, had more than a million preorders in its first day of being on sale via Internet compared to last year’s 600,000 preorders for the iPhone 4. The current rush is seen more as a tribute to former Apple chief Steve Jobs who died a day before its launch.

Initial reports said the device is not without initial glitches. Twitter is abuzz with complaints that the error 3200 is frequent and downloads are too slow compared to its rival product Galaxy series from the Samsung.

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