Interpol breaks ties with FIFA, suspends 20 million Euros partnership with the governing body

International police agency, Interpol on Friday morning announced that it would break its 20 million Euros (14 million pounds) partnership to scrap match-fixing with the governing body of world football, FIFA.

The corruption hit body signed “Integrity of Body,” an agreement for anti-match fixing and prevent illegal gambling with Interpol in May 2011 that saw them donating 20 million Euros to the police agency.

The declaration will henceforth see Interpol cease using contributions from FIFA for the agreement.

However, in light of the recent scandals that has plagued FIFA, Jürgen Stock, the secretary general of Interpol said in an official statementthat while the agency is still ‘committed’ in developing the agreement he has “decided to suspend the agreement.”

“All external partners, whether public or private, must share the fundamental values and principles of the Organization, as well as those of the wider law enforcement community,” he added.

In an official statement, FIFA said that they are “disappointed to learn of the decision by INTERPOL.” They added that their cooperation with Interpol “over the past four years has been a key part of addressing the transnational problem of match fixing.”

Earlier this month, the police agency issued RED notices to four marketing executives and two former FIFA officials for charges of racketeering, conspiracy and corruption by US prosecutors.

He list included Jack Warner, former FIFA vice president and CONCACAF president.

The CONCACAF has sent two guest teams, Mexico and Jamaica to perform in this year’s Copa America.

CONMEBOL, the South American football federation which is organizing the ongoing Copa America in Chile is also reported to be engaged in extensive corruption by US federal investigations.

According to a report by The Guardian, the Vatican had rejected to accept charitable funds from CONMEBOL on Thursday night.

The official statement by FIFA while talking about its agreement with Interpol, said: “This successful programme is unrelated to the current issues surrounding Fifa and we believe that this unilateral decision will negatively impact the fight against criminal activity, a goal of which no supporter of the sport can be in favour.”

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