Calicut Student Makes ‘Iron Man’ Suit for Rs.50000

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A Calicut engineering student has successfully made a replica suit of ‘Iron Man’, the super hero of the current generation, for $750 and it is fully functional exoskeleton capable of lifting weights up to 150 kilograms.

Vimal Govind Manikandan, a final year student of mechanical Engineering from Calicut University in Kerala, who is fond of the Hollywood movies such a ‘Avatar’ and ‘Iron Man’ wanted to make one for himslef and set his mission into reality with his engineering knowledge.

Except flyng component, the exoskeleton is capable of walking, running and lifting heavy weights up to 150-kg. It weighs around 100-kg works on a bettery-powered pressurized air chambers. Manikandan has given the suit a new name — Abhijitha Jikumar, which he said is the first version prototype.

In fact an earlier version of the suit, developed last year, was reviewed at several forums. He has published a paper in the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics and showcased the suit at the American Society of Research’s Conference on Mechanics.

The suit, if developed, will be useful in fields like security, military, household construction and weight-lifting, said Manikandan. Essentially, the exoskeleton is far cheaper compared to similar products avaialble in the market, he noted.

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