Inducing Cell Suicide, New Method Kills Cancer cells in 2 Hours

rp_lungcancerfacts.jpgIn a new method that can revolutionize the cancer treatment, University of Texas researcher has developed a injectible chemical compound which can brighten the cancerous cells and beaming light they can be made acidic and commit suicide with results up to 95%.

Matthew Gdovin, Associate Professor at University of Texas at San Antonio, has developed the method to inject nitrobenzaldehyde into the tumour. Once it diffuses into the tissue, he aims a beam of light at the tissue, causing the cells to become very acidic inside and eventually commit suicide.

Gdovin estimates that 95 per cent of the targeted cancer cells will die within two hours. “Even though there are many different types of cancers, the one thing they have in common is their susceptibility to this induced cell suicide,” he said.

Gdovin experimented his method against triple negative breast cancer, one of the the hardest to treat and found astonishing results to prove his method was right. The non-intrusive method not only stopped the tumor from growing but also doubled the chances of survival in mice.

He hopes that the new method will aid deterring tumors in difficult areas in the body and problematic for surgeons, such as the brain stem, aorta or spine. It also does away with radiation, especially in children who are prone to mutations later in life.

The study has been published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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