Indrani or Kattappa: How They Baffle us?

When it comes to Indian bright minds, compassion and comparison have no bounds and the last one was from the historic film “Baahubali” when Kattappa killed his own master and the latest is why did Indrani kill her own daughter?

While SS Rajamouli is secretly filming the residue of his next part of “Baahubali”, that is to showcase “Why Kattappa, a honest follower of Baahubali killed his own master”, the Mumbai police are working overtime to determine the motive of Indrani’s plot to kill her own daughter.

To get the truth out of a clever and high-profile former CEO of a media firm is becoming a daunting task for Mumbai Police. Rakesh Maria, who is retiring soon as police commissioner is himself interrogating the accused in an unprecedented devotion to his duty at the 11th hour.

So, why did Indrani kill her own daughter? Was it a honour killing or accidental killing or property-related killing? Everyday, media is going abuzz over the possible answer and every media house is happy that the TRP rating for TV channels is going up, thanks to holiday for those benefiting from Bharat Bandh.

Here is a glimpse of what social media is saying as to Why Indrani allegedly killed Sheena Bora, her own daughter? 


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