Indrani Mukerjea May Slip Into Coma?

With doctors at J.J. Hospital trying to wake up the main accused in sensational sheena Bora murder case, the drug overuse by an inmate in jail has shocked the police and the Maharashtra government, while her revival from the drug-induced coma remains questionable now.

With more than 30 hours passed, doctors are clueless about the source of anti-depressant drugs which were taken by Indrani Mukerjea in an apparent suicide attempt that defeats the entire investigation process.

J.J. Hospital Dean Dr. T. P. Lahane on Saturday said that high-level of anti-depressant was found in the urine of Indrani Mukerjea, who was prime accused in her daughter Sheena Bora’s murder case. She was rushed to the hospital in unconscious condition on Friday.

The shocker to her decision was reportedly the death of her mother in Guwahati on Tuesday. She reportedly went into depression and took too many anti-depressant drugs to overcome it but slipped into coma, which might be critical. Unless she is revived in the next 12 hours, it would become fatal for her health and she may remain in coma for a longer time.

Maharashtra Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has ordered an inquiry into the incident, while her counsel Gunjan Mangla said he was not allowed to meet her in the hospital.

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