Indrani in Court: 6 Major Developments in Sheena Murder Case Today

Indrani Mukerjea has been produced before the court on Monday by Mumbai police who sought more rend for her for further evidence gathering and were given.

Her plea for home food was denied as the prosecution argued that poison mix cannot be ruled out owing to the sensitive nature of the case.

As of now, police investigation points out that Indrani had allegedly conspired to kill her own daughter in 2012 and planned to eliminate own son to get rid off of her murky past in her new life in Mumbai with media celebrity Peter Mukerjea.

The Maharashtra police have recovered the car used for the last drive of Sheena Bora and the skeletal remains buried were sent for forensic examination, though the results are still awaited.

Indrani has kept her stoic silence over the entire episode and repeatedly told the court that she is not guilty. Otherwise, the court scene saw her daughter Vidhi Mukerjea crying throughout the hearing time in an adjacent room, according to TV reports.

Meanwhile, Indrani’s first husband Siddharth Das is still evading police hunt despite his parents’ plea to him to surrender. The irony is that her second husband Sanjeev Khanna has confessed to Sheena’s murder and his complicity in the case, according to the police.

While the police are not forthcoming on the role of Siddharth Das, the hunt indicates that the property dispute being the main raison d’etre, the case is taking an interesting turn finally.

While Peter Muikerjea was let off on Friday after questioning, he had reportedly withdrew all the emotional or legal support to Indrani.

The chargesheet now includes new charge of poisoning food for Mikhail Bora just before carrying out their sheena-murder plan.

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