PM Narendra Modi being seen off by the Protocol Officials on his departure from Washington DC on September 30, 2014.(PIB Photo)

India’s US Ambassador Jainshankar: The Man Behind US President Obama’s Republic Day Visit

Dr S. Jaishankar, Indian Ambassador to the US.

Dr S. Jaishankar, Indian Ambassador to the US.

Indian Ambassador to the US, Dr. S. Jaishankar has succeeded at what his predecessors failed in the past and every country he headed to became closer to India than before, heralding a new diplomatic triumph by India.

Jaishankar was sent to Washington DC as the high-profile ambassador when his selection to be the Foreign Secretary of India was resisted back home despite then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s choice.

The poster boy of Indian diplomacy, Jaishankar, took office in DC when Devyani Khobragade incident rattled the ties but he was able to quickly put a lid on it after managing to send her home safely. Success or not, it had put the lid on a fierce show-down that could have worsened the ties.

Soon, Narendra Modi’s ascent to the country’s Prime Minister’s office in May this year paved the way further for new bilateral ties between the US and India, despite the fact that Modi was denied visa on Godhra killings episode. When it comes to diplomacy, reality tops US diplomacy.

It was Jaishankar’s ability that Manmohan Singh relied upon when he tried to soothen the ties between New Delhi and Beijing during the Arunachal spat that hovered on both for long. An IFS diplomat, Jaishankar served in Beijing from 2009 to 2013 as India’s Ambassador to China and succeeded in high-level visits.

Now that he is able to get President Obama to become the first American president to attend the Republic Day parade, it heralds a new phase in Indo-US ties and Jaishankar’s role too goes with it prominently.

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  1. Jainshankar is not the foreign minister of India but India’s Ambassador in the USA. That is the bottom line.

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