India’s Mars Orbiter ‘Mangalyaan’ to enter Red Planet on Sept 24

The Indian Space Research Organisation test fired the main liquid engine of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission successfully, which will enter the red planet’s atmosphere on September 24. The crucial test has been cleared by the Mars Orbiter Mission on Monday, which was in a sleep mode for 10 months.
ISRO tweeted after igniting the engine, "Mars Orbiter engine test firing must have completed. We’ll get a confirmation after the communication delay of 12 minutes."
India’s Mars Orbiter Mission tested its last manoeuvre around 2.30pm Monday when the main liquid engine of the spacecraft was fired for 4 seconds.
While the last manoeuvre was tested by India’s Mars Orbiter Mission around 2.30pm on Monday, the main liquid engine of the spacecraft was fired for 4 seconds. The engine, 440 Newton Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM), which was in an idle mode on the Mars Orbiter Mission for last 10 months since the spacecraft left the Earth’s orbit, had a perfect burn for four seconds.
It is in order to make sure that the engine is in good shape for the 24-minute manoeuvre on Wednesday that it was test fired for four minutes with fuel consumption of about 0.567 kg and with a decremental velocity of 2.142 meters per second, on Monday.
According to reports, a top ranking ISRO official said, "This test firing of the LAM engine is like a trial, which is going to be fired for a longer duration on September 24 for Mars Orbit Insertion." Now, everything gets set for the big day on September 24, the day for Mangalyaan, which was launched on November 5 last year, to enter the Martian orbit.
ISRO Scientific Secretary V. Koteshwara Rao claimed that India will be the first country in the world to insert a spacecraft into the Martian orbit in a maiden attempt if the operation succeeds.
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