Indians Aged Over 50 Account for Poor 7% Among Mobile Internet Users: Study

Apple's iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6

A research conducted by Telenor group shows that only 7% Indian users aged over 50 years use Internet connections compared to the overall use by youngsters and adults.

The survey conducted on 45.61 million Uninor subscribers in India showed that only a niche portion of senior citizens use internet connection on mobile phones.

The research revealed a shocking result, 24% users said using Mobile internet is too complicated, while 29% said they have no reason to use mobile internet.

As mobile broadband connections in the Asia Pacific region are set to be doubled by 2017, the number of people aged between 65 and above is expected to grow dramatically.

The generation who did not grow up with technology and who are not in a position to easily acquire new technical skills will be at considerable disadvantage as the world moves online.

The younger generation are dependent on the technology for commercial and public services, from basic information to paying bills and receiving healthcare.

As per the survey, China appeared on the top, where 25% of users aged above 50 use internet connected phones, while Bangladesh at the bottom with only 2% of users.

Asian markets are not fully receiving the benefit of the mobile internet. As the current vision of internet for all seems to be hazy.

Taking into consideration of realities of aging, several mobile manufacturers have already taken steps to offer handsets with larger icons and buttons.

Internet is a vital way of maintaining civic participation and even receiving basic services in the near future. Thus, to achieve connectivity for all, it is a key responsibility of every stake holders, from policy makers to corporations, families and individual to find a way to bridge a gap.

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