Indian Railways to Run 3 Special Train to Meet Dussehra Rush from Today

railwaysThe Indian Railways will run three premium trains between Mumbai and Howrah, Secunderabad and Nizamuddin and Mysore and Varanasi from today, September 19 to meet the Dussehra festival rush via Nagpur, a key railway junction connecting the north and south train links.

While the three premium trains will have dynamic pricing, almost similar to air fare, which increases the nearer to the date of travel. Those who have pre-planned itinerary will benefit from the low price initially and the ticket prices go up as the travel date nears. The 2AC fare is, in fact, more than an airlines fare. The basic fare is pegged to the tatkal fare.

Secunderabad-Nizamuddin Special Train with Train Number 02723 will leave Secunderabad at 9am on September 26 and reach Nagpur at 8.20pm the same day, while the return journey by train number 02724 will leave Nizamuddin (Delhi) at 5pm on September 27 and reach Nagpur on September 28 at 10.40am.

Mysore-Varanasi Special Train will run from September 19 to October 28 with Train number 02681 that leaves Mysore every Sunday and Friday. It will reach Nagpur at 6.55am on every Monday and Saturday. Similarly, 02682 Varanasi-Mysore will reach Nagpur at 2.45pm on every Monday and Wednesday. The train will have 18 coaches, including a pantry car.

Mumbai-Howrah Special train will have 4 trips with Train number 02241 that will run between LTT and Howrah, and reach Nagpur on September 27 and again on October 1 at 1.30am. It will leave Mumbai at 1.20pm. Similarly, train number 02242 will reach Nagpur on September 26 and October 3 at 11.25am. It will leave Howrah at 6.30pm, said the Indian Railways in a statement.
Premium trains will have different rules such as no senior citizen, tatkal quota discount or any other quota will be allowed but food is included in the ticket price. The coaches are of Rajdhani/Shatabdi standard and it takes less time to travel with few stops enroute. No refund or cancellations of tickets will be allowed on these trains like Tatkal tickets. Refund will be given only when the train is cancelled.

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