Indian Railways Rolls Out Train Enquiry NTES app for Android Phones

Now that the Indian Railway has released the National Train Enquiry System or NTES app for the mobile phones based on Android Operating System, passengers can have instant access to train details like train number, time, schedule and other details. To download the app, click HERE.

The NTES App that can be downloaded free from the Google Play store, helps in finding the right train under the feature ‘Spot Your Train’ and further gives you details about the train’s ‘Scheduled Time’, ‘Actual Running Time’ of arrival and departure. The feature is helpful when there is any delay in train’s arrival or departure, a prime feature that is essential in India.

Indian railways NTES App Download Link

Indian railways NTES App Download Link

With more than four or five stations in each metropolis or city, the NTES app also provides information under another feature called ‘Live Station’ that provides info about the exact station to go for your particular train, which often is the case for many people to miss their train on time. Once you enter the station you are in, it gives you whether your train is from that particular sation or the other. In addition, it also gives you a list of all the trains which will start from your station in the next 4 hours.

The main feature of the app is the ‘Train Schedule’ which gives instant information about the train that you are travelling or the train that you have to board, without the need to ask the station staff or enquiry counter now. The app also gives you the list of halts and the time it moves on, giving relief to those with smartphones not to alight on platform for food and miss the train in the process.

The other feature of it is the info on ‘Cancelled Trains,’ or ‘Rescheduled Trains’ and ‘Diverted Trains’ in cases of emergency or contingency providing info on quick alternative solutions.

IRCTC Connect:

While the NTES app gives train details, the latest IRCTC Connect application is another must for Indian Railway passengers to search and reserve train tickets on mobile phones. The app is available both for Android and BlackBerry 10 phones. This has bridged the gap between the Indian Railways and the passengers, eliminating host of third-party reservation providers online.

With these two apps, Indian Railways can now aim at making its ticket booking anc cancellation faster for passengers who are half-a-billion in a country of billion plus population.

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