Indian-Origin Student Kills ULCA Professor, Ends Own Life, Why?

An Indian origin student by name Mainak Sarkar, 38, who was a former engineering student and doctoral candidate of the victim, Prof. William Klug who was reportedly developing a computer-generated virtual heart, of late.

Sarkar left India after graduating from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and attended California’s Stanford University, where he did his Master of Science in Aeronautics. He joined as a doctoral student of Klug in 2006.

Allegedly upset over cheating and low grades, Sarkar entered the campus with a gun. He shot down his professor before taking his own life, confirmed the Los Angeles police. Jane Kim. LAPD spokesperson confirmed that Mainak Sarkar and Klug, 39, were the only people involved in the incident, without revealing more details.

Mainak Sarkar

Mainak Sarkar, who killed UCLA professor William Klug before ending his own life.

“Our hearts are heavy this evening as our campus family mourns the sudden and tragic deaths of two people on our campus earlier today,” said Chancellor Gene Block. UCLA has more than 43,000 students.

Soon after the incident, 200 police officers in bulletproof vests and helmets entered the campus and recovered a gun and a suicide note at the scene.

“I am heartbroken by the sight of SWAT teams running down avenues normally filled with students, and angered by the fear that one person with a firearm can inflict on a community,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement.

Sarkar had a second professor on a so-called “kill list” found in his Minnesota home, Los Angeles, said LA Police Chief Charlie Beck. However, she was not harmed. LAPD chief said the gunman drove from Minnesota to L.A. bearing number plate 720KTW which has not been located still.

Though he had friendly relationship with Klug initially, in a deleted post written in March, Sarkar alleged that Klug had stolen his code and gave it to another student. “Your enemy is your enemy. But your friend can do a lot more harm,” he apparently wrote in the post about Klug. “Be careful about whom you trust,” he advised new students who want to study under him as seen below in the post:

william klug

Mainak Sarkar’s post on William Klug.


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