Indian-origin girl makes PowerPoint presentation fun via online tutorial

If the mere thought of making PowerPoint presentations leaves you bored, then turn to these free, user-friendly online tutorials, courtesy a 10-year-old Indian-origin girl and probably the world’s youngest teacher of online software tutorials.

Teaming up with her father and entrepreneur Rajesh Kalra, Arkshya has brought the otherwise dull PowerPoint software to life with mind-blowing, three-dimensional (3D) tricks.

Together, the father and daughter have created over 25 online tutorials filmed in professional studios to toe-tapping music. These will be available on their web site before Christmas.

“ will offer free tutorials that explain how to use 3D techniques in the simplest way possible,” Kalra said in a statement sent to IANS.

With these tutorials, you can make the clouds move in a still picture, make unwanted people vanish from an image, replace backgrounds with video, enhance and sharpen pictures, create 360 degree scene effects, and use 3D effects to make a jumbo jet appear as if it is flying in a still picture.

Apart from teaching how to make 3D graphs, pie charts, arrows buttons and infographic charts, the father and daughter will also unravel and push animations to a level never seen before.

“Without tutorials, it is easy to transform a boring PowerPoint presentation into an entertaining, yet simple, slideshow,” Arkshya added.

Additionally, they are using PowerPoint to make tattoo effects, draw sceneries and animate them, change dress colours, change eye colours, colour or streak hair for a funky look, replace broken teeth, create a horror look or even do make up using the national colours.

Kalra founded RK Photo Magic Trix in 2013 with a desire to teach the little known tricks in Photoshop through lively interaction and music.

Soon, the company expanded to include PowerPoint.

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