Indian mathematician raises storm over Riemann Riddle

Indian Mathematician Rohit Gupta has announced an online workshop to “conclude by attacking an important problem in public view” and the problem is the Riemann Hypothesis, first proposed in 1859.

For more than two thousand years since Euclid, it has been known that there is an infinite number of prime numbers among the integers. In precisely what pattern these primes are sprinkled over the number line is remains unsolved problem in pure mathematics. And there is a prize of one million dollars by the Clay Mathematics Institute.

The workshop called KNK103 is going to be a long mathematical expedition in which anyone can participate but for a fee of $100. Once he gets minimum number of participants, he would like to give discount to students.

Rohit will outline his approach based on quasicrystals first outlined by Freeman Dyson. Recent Nobel Prize for Physics going to the study of quasicrystals, the workshop has gathered interest among the students and academics in the field.

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