‘India won’t accept any Chinese intrusion along border’, says Kiren Rijiju

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, said on Monday that India will not accept any kind of intrusion by China along the border and will defend its territory.
He said, “These incidents are happening. But we are very, very clear this time that we will not accept any kind of their (Chinese) intrusion into our territory and we will not concede. This is something we are not going to accept.”
Insisting on India wants peaceful atmosphere and tranquility along the border, Rijiju said that there is nothing aggressive about its stand. He said some of the areas along the Sino-Indian border are not very well demarcated and Indian forces “go to the very point and Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) also come and sometime cross the area which India sees as its territory.”
He added, “But we are very firm about our position and we should not let our territory or our perceived territory to go into the hands of the other side. We are very clear on that. This should not be construed as we are being too aggressive or trying to destabilize the situation along the border.”
Meanwhile, he assured security forces would not carry out any kind of “misadventure” or get into confrontation which will lead to unnecessary strains in ties or escalate tension in the border areas. “But if they carry out any construction activity in our territory or in our perceived territory, then we have to stop them. That is why this tension goes along. We are very particular about our concerns and we stand by that,” he said.
The tension in the area began two weeks ago, when some Chinese workers, who were constructing a road on their side, crossed into the Indian side and also claimed that they had orders to build a road up to Tible, 5 km deep inside Indian territory.
The chinese troops started withdrawing from Chumar after the two countries held a flag meeting in Chushul in Ladakh on September 25.

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