Puri: International sand artist Sudarshan Patanaik create a sand art on Cricket World cup 2015 in Puri on Feb. 2, 2015. (Photo: Arabinda Mahapatra/IANS)

India vs Australia Match Today: Snippets from Elsewhere

As India vs Australia match is going on, India has come to standstill with half of its one billion population glued to the television telecast and road virtually empty and offices looking lean today.

When Australian opener Warner was sent out by Shami in the first three overs, not only the screaming in the stadium in Sydney erupted into a deafening noise, it echoed in many places all over India. Perhaps an ISS watch from the above can make out the sound coming from the sub-continent, if it could.

Otherwise, here are some snippets as sidebars to the crucial match for India:worldcup2015

  • In Suresh Raina’s fiance’s village Bamonoli in Baghpat it’s a cricket watch day for all 12,000 residents. Suresh Raina is expected to reach the village on April 3, after the cricket world cup, to marry Priyanka Chaudhary, whose grand parents still stay here. The gram panchayat has issued a diktat that no one will go to work, no farming today but all have to watch the match, if possible, at a large screen put up for the occasion.
  • The Times of India reported that in a nationwide survey of 6,000, about 34% of office-goers planned to call sick while 2% found burglary as the next best excuse. Otherwise, Bangalore IT offices have either given leave to those who wanted to watch the match at home or erected big screens in office to offset their leave in the office. Many offices have decided not to hold any meetings at least, if not giving a leave to their employees.

  • For Bollywood, cricket match is always unnerving and there is no film trailer on Thursday though “Bombay Velvet” trailer was shown on Starsports on the occasion of India-Bangladesh match last Thursday. With cricket fever reaching its peak, no body is taking a chance at it today.

  • The national capital, though pleasant and warm with 20.3 degrees Celsius minimum and 36 degree celsius maximum but it’s apt for a match day at home for many. However, the traffic did not subsde as much as expected, said reports. Politics cannot stop whether cricket or not in India.

*  Google has once again cashed in on the World Cup fever with a new doodle on its home page that screams of the semi-final encounter between India and Australia on Thursday at the Sydney Cricket Ground. However, it has only changed its home pages in India and Australia. Google previously did it for quarter-finals and the first semi-final too. Last time, it was done for the India-Pakistan clash and the opener where Australia and England battled it out at the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

* On the streets of Kolkata, it wore a deserted look and city restaurants have planned it big to cash in on the mega event with special screenings and food platters. Another attraction today is that the mobile prayer vans are moving around the city, urging and collecting wishes and prayers from the fans for India’s win. On the flipside, owing to the Class 12 board exams, educational institutions like National Gems Higher Secondary School, will refrain from screenings on the campus.

  • Virat Kohli’s girlfriend and actress Anushka Sharma flew down for the semifinal and was spotted in the stands at the Sydney Cricket Ground among the thousands of Indians today but failed to boost sagging morale of Indian batsmen to chase 329 runs to win.




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