India vs Australia Match Debacle Reiterates Blame Game, Not Match Fixing

After Bangladesh ICC President who threatened to resign claiming match-fixing the India-Bangladesh match in quarterfinals, it is the turn of India’s cricket fans to point fingers at similar fix by host nation Australia. Reacting to Bangladesh claims that the match was “pre-decided”, ICC Chief Dave Richardson reacted calling it an “unfortunate” comment.

India remained silent and showcased opening batsman Rohit Sharma’s ferocious 137 runs in 126 balls. However, Rohit Sharma was caught when he was on 90, where umpires Aleem Dar and Ian Gould signalled it as a no-ball for being above the waist height has caused all the hecles from Dhaka.

dhoniWhen Bangladesh’s prominent batsman Mohammed Mahmudullah was given out after Shikhar Dhawan caught him close to the boundary touchline, followed by Suresh Raina’s lbw after Hawk Eye ball-tracking system showed the ball pitching just outside his leg-stump — also cited by them.

Within a week, India too faced similar fate when its star batsman Virat Kohli was driven out with bizarre no performance despite his girlfriend Anushka Sharma in the box to cheer him. Captain MS Dhoni came to his rescue but the social media was abuzz with remarks on her presence. However, nobody raised the match fixing issue fortunately to the team taht surprisingly sailed till the semifinals, if not like Paksitan nor Bangladesh.

If it was a match fixing, India could have done better than losing with 95 runs. But the entire Twitter is agogue with praise for the captain who made a weak team rather superbly throughout the initial matches till the semi-final stage.

Despite stray incidents of violence in several pockets of the country, Dhoni’s house in Ranchi was secured in time to save any repeat of stone-throwing incidents. Otherwise, celebrities and fans rallied behind the Indian captain who ruled out quitting cricket at his age of 33. Here are some:

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