India Today Reveals Secret Places Rahul Gandhi Spent in his 2-Month Sabbatical Abroad

India Today magazine has finally revealed the mysterious absence of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi from Feb. 16 to March 31, debunking the rumours that he was in Latin America with his girlfriend. He was in fact, touring four Buddhist nations in Southeast Asia and the claims by his mother that the holiday was intended for soul-searching were true.

Rahul Gandhi was not seen in Parliament at a time when the Budget Session was on and the historic Land Acquisition Bill met with deadlock, forcing BJP to trade blame game against his stoic silence and absence during the period.

However, clering the doubts, Tehelka has released the itinerary of Rahul Gandhi in a move to belittle BJP heckling at their future party presidential candidate.

India Today report said Rahul Gandhi went from New Delhi on February 16 to Bangkok, the Thai capital and the next day he proceeded to Cambodia. He lived in Cambodia for 11 days and returned to Bangkok on Feb. 28. Again he left for Mayanmar where he lived from March 1 to 21. On March 22, Rahul Gandhi returned to Thailand and was put up there for some time. He visited the Buddhist Heritage Centre Ayutthaya, where he had spent 9 days until April 10. Afterwards, he flew to Vietnam for one day and returned to Bangkok on April 12. From April 12 to 16, he lived in the Tahi capital and returned to India.

Feb 16 – Flew to Bangkok
Feb 17 – Flew to Cambodia
Feb 28 – Returned to Bangkok
March 1-22 – Visited Myanmar
April 1 – Returned to Bangkok and moved to Buddhist Centre Ayutthaya
April 10 – Flew to Vietnam for one day.
April 12 – Returned to Bangkok.
April 16 – Returned to India.

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