India to Make German Homeopathic Remedies

The experts from Germany has declared on Tuesday that they will now share the secrets behind German Homeopathic remedies to Indian experts to facilitate their production in the country with indigenous resources.

The German formulae of homeopathy medicines for disorders, including digestive and sleep disorders and cold and flu will be learned by Indian naturopaths.

According to the Managing Director of Hevert Arzneimittel GmbH and Co.KG, Nussbaum, Mathias Hevert, the company will issue licence to M. Bhattacharyaa and Co. Pvt Ltd. of the Emami Group for producing select liquid formulations.

“We will licence selected liquid formulations to M. Bhattacharyaa which will be marketed and manufactured by them for a price that is affordable for common people. We will basically share the know-how on medications for digestion, sleeping disorders and cold and flu,” Hevert told media persons in Kolkata.

He was in Kolkata to announce the technical collaboration between the family-run German homeopathic enterprise and Emami Group’s two homeopathic arms, M. Bhattacharyaa and Co. Pvt Ltd and King and Co. (Homoeo Chemist) Pvt. Ltd.

Six products from the Hevert stable are being introduced in India as part of the collaboration. These will include remedies for stress relief, pain and allergy etc. Hevert said that homeopathy medicines have a “strong foothold” in Germany though the discipline is not mainstreamed as much as it is in India.

“We are conducting clinical research that shows homeopathic medicines work. We hope to do clinical studies for German-manufactured remedies in India in the future,” he said.



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