India still facing 3 lakh TB deaths every year: Minister

India with 2.2 million new cases of tuberculosis and three lakh deaths every year still requires a comprehensive and synergetic approach to control the disease, said Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare J.P. Nadda.

“We need to work in the right perspective,” he said while speaking at the REACH Lilly MDR-TB Partnership Media Awards. To combat the spread of TB, the minister said it requires new treatment protocol and intensive medical intervention.

“A healthy nation contributes in a healthy manner,” he said pushing for interventions that can bring down the disease burden and spending as well.

The Minister also presented awards to 4 journalists in reporting on tuberculosis. Instituted in 2010, the REACH Lilly MDR-TB Partnership Media Awards highlight the vital role played by the media in TB prevention and control.

“Through our work with the media, we hope to not only improve the frequency of reporting on TB but also support journalists with the tools and information they need to write about TB-related issues,” said Dr. Nalini Krishnan, director, REACH.

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