India Hoists 360-ft Tallest Tricolour, Visible From Lahore in Pakistan

The Pakistan side woke up on Sunday seeing India’s tricolour national flag at the Attari border, well within its own geographical limits but at a height of 360-foot, making it the tallest flag hoisting in India. It is so tall that even people from Lahore could view it in Pakistan, which has complained stating that it’s for spying on Pakistan side.

The tricolour, hoisted on a 110-meter high mast, measures 120-foot long and 80-foot wide and the weight of the flag pole itself is 55 tonnes. Punjab state government has spent Rs.3.5 crore on erecting the flag and is not willing to concede any demand from across the border to bring its height down.

With this, the title of the tallest national flag in India changed from the 293-foot-high tricolour in Ranchi in Jharkhand.

Pakistan Rangers had raised the issue with their counterparts the Border Security Force (BSF) and asked them to relocate the place far inside its own geography instead of overlooking Pakistan, which it suspects is fitted with spy cameras and sensors. India said that the the flag was installed 200 metres before the zero line and was not a violation any international treaties or agreements.

"It is our national flag and nobody can stop us from hoisting it on our soil," said Anil Joshi, minister of Punjab state government, who hoisted the flag on Sunday.

The flag was erected by the Amritsar Improvement Trust which had laid the foundation stone last year in April. It is near the Attari-Wagah international border with Pakistan, which is also a major tourist spot to witness the flag lowering ceremony daily.

The tallest flag in the world was located in the United States at a height of 400-foot high flying an American flag measuring 60 feet high by 120 feet long, built by insurer Acuity on the Interstate 43 corridor.

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