India-China Border Stand-Off Resolved, says Sushma Swaraj

The two week stand-off at the border in Ladakh by India and China has been resolved on Thursday, said Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.
Describing the resolution of the issue as a "big accomplishmentā€¯, Swaraj said that the troops from both sides will start withdrawal on Friday and complete by September 30.
She said, "The bad phase will end and by September 30th, the withdrawal of troops will be completed. I talked about this with the Chinese Foreign Minister. I believe this is a big accomplishment." On September 1, the troops of both the nations are expected to return to their positions as they were.
Swaraj has discussed the border standoff issue with Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi at the United Nations. After her meeting with the IBSA Foreign Ministers on the sidelines of the ongoing UN General Assembly session, Swaraj said, "I am happy to tell you that both nations have sat down and resolved the (border standoff) issue. Timelines have been decided."
During the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s three-day visit in India, the two armies were engaged in a stand-off at Chumar region in Ladakh. The problem began while some Chinese workers crossed over with equipment to build a road up five km deep inside Indian Territory.
According to reports, Swaraj said that she has also discussed with China about the issue of UN Security Council reform and the need to complete the reform process, including expanding its permanent membership by 2015, which will be the 70th anniversary of the world organisation.

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