Imraan Khan-Kangana Starrer ‘Katti Batti’ Trailer Released, Plot Revealed (Spoiler)

katti battiImraan Khan who is mostly known for playing nice boy loving a stud girl character in most of his movies is yet again playig similar role in his upcoming movie ‘Katti Batti’ and he is paired this time with Kangana Ranaut, who is flying high in box office charts.

Kanaga plays a role of character named Payal, who is an arts student. She has been portrayed in three different attires. In the first frame she goes with long blonde streaked tress with bangs in a few frames, a posh, severe bob in another, and lose wavy tresses in yet another frame.

In contrast, Imraan Khan plays Madhav Kabra, an architect, who seems to be boring and wears dull colourd tees and shirts. And his hair seemed to be sleeked back throughout the trailer.

The released trailer kick starts by showing Kangana lit up fire to the waste in a dust bin and bullying Imraan to marry her. She also says, “Shaadi karenge toh aaj karenge, nahi toh kabhi nahi.” This itself depicts that she is the dominant and bossy over her boyfriend Imraan. She also starts chanting wedding ‘Mantras.’

After few seconds, the trailer then showcases Payal to be a girl who is not ready for serious commitments and talks about ‘timepass.’ On the other hand, Madhav is showed to be ideal humane male ‘doormat’ who is dominated by his girlfriend throughout the trailer.

Payal and Madhav both stay together for five years in live-in-relationship. And later one day Payal disppears making life a hell for Madhav. Madhav who is terribly torn to pieces is yelled at by a friend and given a philosophical lecture by his sister as they both want him to move on. Later, Imraan tells Ranaut how no one will love her more than him.

The few scenes in the later part of the trailer resemble similarities with Imtiaz Ali movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’.

As it often repeats in Bollywood movies that a nice guy or a boring guy is always chased by a dominant girl ans so is ‘Katti Batti’. The film is directed by Nikhil Advani and will be released on September 18.

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