IIT Results Today: Why Results Websites Often Crash Every Time?

website crashIn a country that prides itself on future IT foray and pushing the electioral verdict backed by an excellent IT coordination, however, fails every time exam results are declared online.

Today, the country’s foremost engineering talent and future IT honchos will be eagerly checking online for the resutls of IIT-JEE but as usual the CBSE website where the results are to be announced says its server is facing technical snag while the IIT Kanpur’s website that shows results is far behind in speed.

Why do websites crash during peak admission season? Aren’t they prepared or remain lukewarm to such surge in traffic. Why not privatise these results announcement process if the IITs fail to live up to the country’s expectations?

It was deja vu, in fact. Early this month, Delhi University admission season saw similar downtime for the website when thousands of students wanted to apply online or register online.

On June 2, DU aspirant for commerce seat Moulshree Aggarwal told the Times of India that she had to give up attempting e-registration. “I wanted to register through the online portal because it is quick and one need not stand in long queues. But when I tried it on the first day, I could not access the website. Then one of my tuition teachers told me that it is always better and safe to apply offline. So, the next day, I rushed to the university to apply,” she said.

Another DU aspirant, Tanya Upreti, waited for one day and then applied. “My friend’s elder sister told me that it is always better to apply online either on the second or third day of admissions. So, I was able to apply online on the third day.”

In May, the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination website for class XII results faced similar problem and in 2012 candidates experienced glitches while applying online for the IIM Common Admission Test.

Blame it on inadequate attention from the authorities and budget constraints, says Huzur Saran, professor, department of computer science and engineering Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

Then the question should be to privatise the entire IT process as every state government is doing now. They give out the results to host of media or newspaper websites and all of them will be up same time giving multiple entry points for students to check their results.

While DU website failed becuasue 30,000 students tried to access at a time. Malay Neerav, spokesperson, DU, told the TOI: “Before the backup server could respond, the network choked. For about less than an hour, there was no activity on the website. After that, the site was slow for about an hour and people thought that the site was not working. However, the website service was restored soon.”

So is the case today with IIT results. In case you want to check, click here again.http://jeeadv.iitd.ac.in/

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