iit coaching fees touches sky.

IIT Coaching Fees: A Glance at How Much They Charge

On Sunday, FIIT-JEE conducted an entrance exam all over the world not for engineering seats but for its coaching in collaboration with several local colleges all over major cities and more than one lakh students reportedly appeared, While reports negligence to inform parents and harassment meted out by parents and students, the fees is a whopping 4.5 lakhs per 2-year and ranges more than a lakh rupees for classes starting from 6th standard to 12th standard.

Here is a look at how much they charge and in comparison with others rivals in the frey. With no regulator in the field of education, coaching centres have been charging heavily with indirect products on offer and gullible parents are the victims always while many teenagers are the losers of their youth being forced to cram and spend the night oil in air-conditioned or non-AC rooms.

FIIT-JEE – Rs.2.3 Lakh per annum and Rs.1 lakh for those who want to stay in a hostel. This is in addition to the school fees which they are expected to pay that is anywhere from Rs.45,000 to Rs.75,000 per annum. Allen starts at Rs.1,21,000 and more depending upon other facilities. For those who get one-third of the score in the test and have a good A1 or A2 in CBSE X Exam are given a concession of 10%.

The increase in fee every year is at Rs.25,000. Last year, the fee charged by Allen was in the range of Rs.91,000. Leaving aside FIIT_JEE and Allen, there many coaching centres coming up to cash in on weaker students and brighter students alike. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have already ceated ruckus with Narayana and Chaitanya schools which have introduced an unprecedented cramming into our study system without real application of concepts and understanding of the subjects, especially science and maths.

Taking the entire experience to corporate way another coaching institute called Byju Classes. Started by an entrepreneur who claims to have rejected an IIM offer for study, he revolutionized the way to commercialize the coaching system. Every summer, he holds massive Counselling Seminar for students at rented autditoriums that attacts more than a lakh students.

They are asked to fill up a form, take the test and soon after given a presentation by tutors on how to solve one or two mathematical questions in a smart way. They proceed prompting parents and students to buy their iPad with pre-programmed lessons for practice but priced more than Rs.50,000 but if you opt buy on the same day, it would come at half the price. Similar to the sales strategy of Sivakashi-based cracker manufacturers, these coaching business ventures are marvelling at the mockingly heinous education system that is typically putting unbearable burden on our teenagers.

Another disturbing angle that has come out of the cruel burgeoning business in India is that those who failed despite years-long hardwork to crack IIT or JEE Mains or Advanced are suggested to pay donation in private professional colleges and these coaching institutes are conduits for the seats sold under management quota at Rs.70 lakhs to Rs.1 crore for a medical seat.

Aakash Tutorials is another such coaching business outfit trying to specialize in medical entrance coaching and many parents who queue up to get children study there make daily rounds to these institutes, sometimes at odd hours. To show their tough attitude towards students, many of these coaching institutes have devised new coaching hours.

After finishing their evening coaching at 9 PM in the night, the students were bluntly told to be back by 5 AM in the morning for the next batch as they have school to attend at 8 AM. So, from 5 AM to 7 AM, the coaching class will be held as teachers too rush to their regular schools. The payment to teachers in these coaching centres too is as high as Rs.1 lakh. So, the question is about a regulator. Will the nation wake up to the need soon?


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