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IIMs to Give Degrees, No Longer Mere PG Diplomas

The government has approved the Indian Institute of Management(IIM) Bill, 2017, under which the IIMs would be declared as Institutions of National Importance, enabling them to grant degrees to their students. Hitherto, have been granting diplomas only.

The Bill also provides for complete autonomy to the Institutions, combined with adequate accountability and management of these Institutions would be Board driven, with the Chairperson and Director of an Institution which will be selected by the Board.

A greater participation of experts and alumni in the Board is amongst other important features of the Bill.

Provision has also been made for inclusion of women and members from Scheduled Castes/Tribes in the Board. It also provides for periodic review of the performance of Institutions by independent agencies, and placing the results of the same on public domain.

The Annual Report of the Institutions will be placed in the Parliament and CAG will be auditing their accounts and a provision for Coordination Forum of IIMs as an advisory body.

Indian IIMs are recognized as world-class management Institutions and Centers of Excellence and have emerged to prominence as separate autonomous bodies registered under the Societies Act.

Being societies, IIMs are not authorized to award degrees and, hence, they have been awarding Post Graduate Diploma and Fellow Programme in Management.

While these awards are treated as equivalent to MBAs and Ph.D, respectively, the equivalence is not universally acceptable, especially for the Fellow Programme, hence, the modification.

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