Identity Out: Rob O’Neill is the SEAL ‘Who Shot and Killed Osama bin Laden’

As mentioned earlier, the identity of a US Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 has been out and the man is Rob O’Neill, 38, who is due to appear in Fox News special two episodes, said the special operations community blog

It said, in view of the fox News episode to be aired on Nov. 11 and 12, the top leaders of the Navy’s SEAL community hdecided to make the identity of the operator who shot dead Osama Bin Ladin in the 2011 raid.


In a letter signed by both the senior commander and enlisted man of Naval Special Warfare Command, the SEAL leadership said the majority of SEALs spend each day living up to the label “quiet professionals.”

“Unspoken is the implication that the former SEAL, who is in fact, former Red Squadron SEAL Robert O’Neill, is seeking notoriety for his own story,” it said in derogatory reference to him, saying one individual should not claim credit for the whole operation, involving the whole community of commanders.

“Little individual credit” is ever given due to the “nature of our profession,” said the letter. “The two also point out the years of hard work that go into operations like the one that targeted Bin Ladin, seemingly defying one or two individual shooters’ claims on the glory and fame that result from the success of such a mission,” it said.

“Why should one SEAL assume the moniker, “The One Who Killed bin Laden?”, it questioned.


Meanwhile, Tom O’Neill, the father of the Navy SEAL Rob, told the Daily Mail that their house would be the target now but he is not worried. “People are asking if we are worried that ISIS will come and get us because Rob is going public. I say I’ll paint a big target on my front door and say come and get us,” he told the daily.

His son Rob O’Neill became a public speaker after his 16 years of service in the US military, decorated 52 times but failed to serve the full 20 years.

Now that the identity of the man is pre-empted by the SEAL themselves to thwart the entire credit going to the man, the expensive two-part Fox News program called “The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden” would face limited chance of an exploding audience it expected for the show on Nov. 11.

However, it said the episode would provide “an extensive, first-hand account of the mission, including the unexpected crash of one of the helicopters that night and why SEAL Team Six feared for their lives”.

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