I Never asked Kushal to Change Religion: Gauhar Khan Turns Ire on Media

gauhar-khan-kushal-tandonJust as Kushal Tandon went public on Twitter saying it was splits with Gauhar Khan, his co-Bigg Boss 7 contestant, Gauhar Khan retaliated saying she had never asked him to do so and the media was unfair in attributing it to her.

Crying foul over what could damage her career in Bollywood, Gauhar Khan accused media of highlighting it based on Kushal Tandon’s version and not hers. Kushal’s interview to the media said that his love life was marooned over religion and beliefs.

“Gauahar and I shared a great romantic journey. I don’t think I can ever fall in love again. She is a nice girl and I tried my best to work things out. Unfortunately, we had to call it quits as things were not meant to be.”

He said, problems started erupting in relationship over religion. “Gauahar pursued me to change my beliefs, something that’s not possible for me. Love is everything, but it’s not the only thing. We called it off a few days ago on the phone. I am with my family in Lucknow for Diwali. I wish her the best,” he told TOI.

While Gauhar initially refused to comment, she later lashed out at the Times of India for giving one-sided story. But TOI report said she remained silent when asked for her reaction.

A friend of the couple too confirmed that their religious beliefs were the main cause behind their split, said the TOI report, without naming the source.

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