Hyderabad School Student Dies After Fight, Parents Shocked

It could have been any other such classroom fight in any school but in Hyderabad a private school student succumbed to head injury in a fight, highlighting the need to stem classroom violence.

Police said Amir Siddiqui, a Class 10 student died of brain injury at a hospital on Wednesday morning after he was hit in head and shifted to hospital on Tuesday.

Amir was a student of St Joseph’s Public School and his parents reside in Masab Tank. The fight between Siddiqui and another student turned fatal when the other student hit Siddiqui on his head.

Siddiqui was given first aid shifted to nearby Kamineni Hospital, where doctors on Tuesday night performed a surgery to remove clot in his brain but the boy died the same night.

Angry parents of Siddiqui complained to the police and sought immediate action against the other student responsible for their son’s death. The police have registered a case and seized CCTV footage from the school premises for investigation.

The incident highlights the typical school fights which are often neglected by teachers and other students but may turn fatal, as the case was in Siddiqui’s case. School fights should be stopped the same way ragging was dealt with.

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